Sunday, November 26, 2006

I have an irrational fear of pyrex baking dishes exploding after I take them out of the oven.

This fear comes from an event which occured about 15 years ago. I was about 18, and living with members of my step-family in an apartment in a complex known as Oldswood.

Oldswood was named after the town Oldsmar that I lived in, and Oldsmar was named by the guy who owned Oldsmobile. They didn't make Oldsmobiles in Oldsmar; they didn't make much of anything that I noticed, although there was a high rate of exporting washed up heavy metal dirt rockers, none of which have gone onto bigger and better things. I think besides myself, there may be a total of 6 people who actually moved out of Oldsmar and attempted to exist in a life outside of the washed-up 2 mile by 3 mile armpit of a town, nestled between Tampa and Clearwater.

Anyway, when I lived with my friends/future family in our apartment in Oldswood, we would cook family meals together. One night, after we had finished dinner, and long after the stove and burners had been shut off, we heard a loud bang in the kitchen. After investigating, the pyrex bowl that had contained left over mashed potatoes had exploded into several hundred small mashed potato covered shards which dotted the walls, covered the burners, and littered the floor. The pyrex bowl that held the potatoes wasn't the originial bowl they were cooked in; after they had cooled they were transferred to the pyrex bowl, and put on a trivet in the center of the stove.

It made no sense that the bowl exploded, and freaked all of us out. We eventually came to the conclusion that the apartment was haunted, or a member of our household was haunted and followed by a michevious ghost. Some of the haunting stores can be elaborated upon in a different blog entry, but the exploding pyrex bowl has scared me of all future handling of pyrex bowls and baking dishes. I feel like I should have safety glasses on when cooking with pyrex. I wince whenever I take the pyrex dishes out of the oven and place on the stove or countertop, bracing myself for the worst case scenario.

Oldswood has long since been bulldozed, and a Wal-Mart now stands in it's place. My step-brothers joke that our old living room is in the Sporting Goods department.

Nice, America.

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Anonymous said...

Pyrex is a really good type of glass..usually used with labrotory beakers and flasks made to take a lot of heating and cooling stress. Thats where the brand originated.. I think...