Sunday, November 05, 2006

rainy november day in Portland

I made another movie, but I'm still working on the upload format. I used a couple of video editors, which put together a really nice montage of movie footage complete with background music, but unfortunatley I'm still troubleshooting the format for YouTube. I also have started a Flickr account to post my pictures--often times I post only a select few from a bunch of pictures onto my blog. My Flickr account can be viewed by visiting

I'm in a warm and toasty coffee shop, listening to P.J. Havery and Tool (not at the same time). I'm also listening to some guy named Timothy pick up the woman who's working behind the counter. I'm drinking Stumptown Hairbender, and I think it's almost time for me to head back home and get ready for another week at work. Thankfully I have Friday off, which will be nice because I've been doing nothing but work or think about work lately.

Take care.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! you should try to get your hands on adobe after effects, I use it for all my compositing and editing..its a great program-Ryan