Tuesday, November 28, 2006

statue of liberty visit

Before I lived in New York, I visited with a friend named Jim when I was about 18. He had been to NYC several times, and was playing the part of tour guide. I was thankful he had some knowledge of the city, because I had no memories of going there prior to this first visit when I was 18, and it seemed to be an overwhelming place.

I wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty, because I'm a tourist, and because I'm a geek, and because I wanted to say that I've been there. After being there, I can say that I was thoroughly unimpressed. I couldn't believe that the base of the statue is as big, if not bigger, then the actual statue. Another turn off about the whole Statue of Liberty experience was the long lines up the staircases, to get to the top. Imagine being trapped on a staircase, with tons of tourists, waiting for the crown hogs several steps above to become bored of the view and use up all of their film so they can decend and open some space up for us poor saps waiting below.

The waiting was more then Jim and I could endure.

At one point, we were between staircases on a small platform, where the descending staircase was. I got the bright idea that if we walked up the down staircases backwards, it would seem like we were actually leaving, and nobody would question what we were doing. If someone came down from behind us, we would stop and act like we were tying a shoe or looking for something, and after the traffic passed we continued up to the crown.

The funny thing about New Yorkers, if you're from New York City, people usually refer to the Borough they are from, i.e. I'm from Brooklyn, she's from Queens, but you don't hear many people say (admit) that they're from Staten Island. I find it funny because as soon as I meet someone out here who says there from New York City, I ask what part, and they usually reply "Richmond County" or Staten Island.

Staten Island's really not that bad if you stay away from the Fresh Kills Landfill (that's really the name, I'm not making that up).

When I was at the Statue of Liberty I didn't take any pictures, and really don't have memories of anywhere else we went that day besides the World Trade Center. I haven't spoken to Jim in 15 years, but I'm sure he's doing well. I considered him to be a really good friend of mine when I was 14 and 15, and he stuck by my side through a life changing incident.

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GrapeNut said...

It's good to remember old friends and people who stuck by our sides when we really needed them.

Yup - the Statue of Liberty is some big anti-climatic experience. Some friends came in to visit from Texas and the one thing they wanted to do was go to the Statue. I said, if ya really want to go we'll do it. Upon some research I found out that due to security you have to show up about two or more hours in advance just to go through security screening. We would have wasted over six hours going to basically be bored out of our minds.

However, I do plan on stopping at Ellis Island. May be we'll save that for when you come to visit. That's supposed to be real awesome. Photography from that error. Buildings pretty much left exactly as they were when the place was abandoned.