Friday, January 12, 2007


I've had a nagging pain in my left jaw for over a week now; I thought my face hurt because I was sick and never even considered dental distress. I'm almost completely recovered from my laundry list of ailments, but somehow I feel like having eaten alot of Ricola cough drops ate a hole in my jaw from between two lower left teeth. I have a new dental insurance carrier, and called and explained my situation. I sheepishly explained that I haven't been to the dentist since 1998, but that was only because between now and then I haven't really had a job that offered dental insurance. They were really nice at the dentist, and managed to get me into an appointment tomorrow morning at 10:15. I couldn't believe my ears, and had to ask the receptionist to repeat and confirm the appointment information. In the past when I had dental insurance, there was about two weeks between the time you made the appointment and when the appointment actually was.

I have strong mixed feelings now; I'm glad I'm getting in to see the dentist so quick. My jaw feels pretty uncomfortable, there's definitely a problem that needs attention. On the other hand, I hate the dentist, all the scraping, digging, poking,'s just awful. I can't help but think about my tooth getting filled. The whole experience is freaky, and visits to the dentist for me rate in the same group as chewing on tinfoil, scraping styrophone, or scratching nails on a chalk board. The way my luck has been going lately, I'll probably need a root canal or something extreme like that.

But at the same time, I am glad that dental technology is has advanced, and that I can go get treatment, get problems fixed and be comfortable.

I've have such bad teeth. I mean I brush and floss and do everything I can at this point in the game, but I've had many cavities filled, chipped teeth, had teeth extracted, and worst of all, I had braces on for 5 years, but only was seeing an orthodontist for the first two. The last three years of wearing braces I moved in with a different divorced parent, who didn't follow up and take me to an orthodontist to continue the course of treatment braces were providing.

I ended up taking most of my braces off when I was 17, at high school, during final exams. I skipped an exam because I was failing that class anyway, and asked one of the custodians if I could borrow his needle-nosed pliers to pull the wires out. I removed the brackes with the tines on a fork; it was the perfect shape to slide under the bracket, they popped right off my teeth. Eating food immediately became a much more enjoyable experience.

The only parts of my braces I couldn't remove myself were these metal bands which wrapped aound my back teeth, and connected the wires that were set in the brackets. When I was 21, I finally had those removed, and needed emergency reconstructive surgery on my back teeth because they had started to decay after all those years under the metal brackets.

Anyway, wish me luck that it's only a filling I need tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow new page! Dont feel bad one of my wisdom teeth just came in in the past month and its going sideways so it kind of diggs into my cheek.Really annoying. Talk to you soon Busch psshhh pshhh Garrrrdens.........Ryan