Monday, January 08, 2007

so I haven't really writen alot lately

and gotten off easy by occasionally posting pictures--which I take all the time. I have a low end 4.1 megapixel fujifilm camera, but somehow I've gotten to know it well, and feel comfortable taking pictures all the time. My only complaint is that the batteries seem to wear down quickly, and as a result, it shuts off on me instead to taking the picture, or takes forever to start up. My camera also has the capacity to shoot low quality movies, which definatly saves nice panoramas and captures family and friend drunken blackmail moments.

so I've been sick for a while; I first noticed something was amiss around New Year's. That since has blossomed into coughing, congestion, fever, body aches, ear aches, headaches, every symptom except nausea, which I haven't completely ruled out. The coughing and lack of sleep is completely exhasuting me, and I can't even believe that my nose is completley clogged up. I hope I don't choke drinking water or anything.

I hear that there's going to be snow on Wednesday. Personally, I think the people around here over-react, so if there is snow I"ll be out with my camera at some point, provided I'm not any sicker.

I'm trying to be positive, and thinking that maybe I hit the bottom of whatever I have, and the only way from here is up, and better, and back to normal (whatever normal is, anyway).

I went to the doctor's earlier, I suscribe to corporate nazi healthcare, but hey it's better then no insurance. I'd rather get legal drugs for a co-pay then from a shady transaction in a fast-food parking lot (disclaimer: I've never done that). I was diagnosed with some kind of generic "upper respitory bronchial infection" which means that I've been miserable for over a week now, and it's not too miserable to warrant hospital care, but bad enough to lose concentration throughout the day. Bad enough to have co-workers stop into your cubicle and say things like:

"you look sweaty, are you okay?"

"boy, you look pale"

"aren't you the chair of the Wellness Committee? How come you're at work sick?"

"you think it's a good idea coming in getting other people sick?"

"if you get me sick you're paying for my sick day"

and lots of other things. I go to work sick because I'm responsible and accountable to an anxiety attack inducing level, and haven't scheduled any time in to be sick. As it is I'm making changes in my personal life, not doing my out of work activities to come home, put on comfy clothes and relax while alternately blowing my nose, drinking tea and eating Ricola cough drops. Fortunately for me I've had consistent free wireless service, and the hot spot is on my coffee table in front of my couch. That beats the previous hot spot in my apartment, which was in my bathroom, on the sink, between the shower, toilet and cat box.

When I was a kid I really like those Luden's Cherry Cough Drops that came in the little cardboard box with the wax inside wrapper. I don't think they did shit for my cough, but I loved the way those tasted so much I would fake cough and fabricate stories of a sore throat to get some. Funny now that I'm grown up (well, older anyway) I haven't really had them. I wonder if they contain high fructose corn syrup. Ricola Cough Drops don't.

Ric tells me that the bathroom, not including the tub, is an area that is 8 feet by 13 feet. That sounds big, but shares the space with two doorways, a toilet, a sink cabinet and a cat box. I wish I could teach Marcus to go to the bathroom in the toilet.

Suprisingly the doctor I saw was really nice, and kind of funny. I generally don't have good experiences at the doctors, so it was nice to see someone who wasn't impersonal, rushed or disinterested. I didn't remember her name when I got to the appointment but I remembered that she had one of those two first name names, like Dr. Vanessa Donald or something like that. Sharing that knowledge with the receptionist seemed to speed up the process; I was only waiting about 5 minutes before I was called back.

The doctor made many funny observations about Oprah and the corporate nazi healthcare system in general. She told me that doctors share a funny thing they do to patients, when we're sick, they ask us what color our phlegm is. She told me that it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is if you are producing evidence of an infection. But she said that it makes people feel better to tell doctors what color it is. She also said that hand sanitizer doesn't work, it just provides mental releif for the people using it.

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