Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the storm that wasn't

this morning and today was the day the "big artic blast" was due to hit the Portland Metro Area. As usual, everyone freaked out, running news and weather crawls on every network station, issuing alerts on the radio, it was battle stations here while they showed footage of the local department of transportation gear up for this "storm" and prepare their vechiles for battle against mother nature. Some schools were closed for the day, or at the very least faced a 2 hour delay, and many other activites were cancelled in anticipation of this storm. All of the news and weather people speuclated that we'd have freezing rain, there would be snow and slush, frozen roads and black ice, it would be a real treacherous experience for anyone commuting or traveling.

The picture above depicts what the weather actually looked like today, as you can see it wasn't freezing, it hung around at about 40 degrees, and it was far from wet. The sun even shone for most of the day.

I really think the people in Denver were much more relaxed about their situation, and seemed to handle piles and piles and snow much more efficiently. I often connect with other east coasters, or even people from the midwest or northern states like Minnesota or Michigan at times like these; they have seen snow, I've been commuting to work when it's only been 1 degree out, stomped through snow up to my knees, or even worse, forgot to wear boots and got snow in my sneakers, soaking my sock and freezing my foot. There isn't snow here; it's a sparse dusting, that usually dissapates by the time it hits the ground.

It really is a joke how much they are playing up the snow (lack of, actually)., I can't beleive that the weather is dominating the majority of the news, that the newscasters annouce school closures and show footage of kids scraping snowballs together off the street with a straight face. I can't believe there isn't any other news going on in the world. I guess everyone seems to have forgot there's still some kind of war going on and men, women and children dying daily.

Don't get me wrong; there are definatley places nearby where there is so much snow, and the winter weather threat causes many deaths and serious injuries to people who venture out into the unknown. Many of the people who have gotten lost on Mt. Hood have not been recovered and probably won't be recovered, until probably many many years in the future, when future explorers and archiologists discover a fully dressed preserved corpse, to give the future insight on how man from the late 1900's/early 2000's looked and lived.

on a completely different note:

the cough syrup that I'm taking contains a liquid hydrocondone (Vicadin to y'all) and another drug that supresses the cough refelx in the brain. How creepy is that? I had very very strong mixed feelings about ingesting the cough syrup after I read that, but somewhere around 2:47 AM I couldn't take it anymore. The cough I have is such an unsatisfying, unfufilling, dry cough, sometimes with no reachable end in sight. I guess the cough syrup isn't too bad, habit forming potential aside and all. I try not to think about the brain reflex thing, which is easy to do after I've taken a dose.

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