Thursday, January 11, 2007


The pictures below were taken this morning in Gresham, east of Portland. It was about 8 AM, and a combination of slightly higher eleveation and a juicy snow shower passing overhead caused the final portion of my commute to work to transform into a winter wonderland. Everything was dark and had a blue-white overcast to it. The entire city of Portland and all surrounding metro areas cancelled or delayed school for the day, and traffic was moving slowly, many accidents and people losing control of their cars. All because of about 2 - 3 inches of snow. And not consistent snow cover, either. I live in the inner SE area, around 400 ft sea level, and when I left for work, the weather could be best described as "crunchy rain." There was no white accumliation or ice to be seen. I took advantage of all the delays and took a few pictures while I was driving.

it was kind of a neat phenomina (I probably spelled that wrong), it wasn't so much snow that you had to shovel, or were inconvieneiced, and it wasn't so cold that you couldn't enjoy the weather. The tempatures got up to about 35 today, so the snow started to melt a little, but now I guess that it's down to about 20 degrees right now, so any remaining snow is going to refreeze.


I've had trouble getting to sleep lately; I think it's been half being sick and uncomfortable, and half busy brain i.e. can't stop thinking. I think about everything sometimes, and can't even help it. I even think about the fact that I'm not sleeping and thinking, then think about the Lunesta commercial with the butterfly and think to myself "boy that is so me!"

Sometimes I get up and walk around my dark apartment, and watch the sleeping rest of my block through the blinds in my kitchen. The streetlight casts silent shadows across the lineolium floor that Marcus quietly walks on. I just think Marcus gets up with me because he sees it as an opportunity to get fed.

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