Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I've got bad posture

I've recently realized how bad my posture really is, and how it effects how I feel on a daily basis. I'm sure you're posture is bad too, and don't tell yourself that you're the exception, because how are you sitting right now? Are you leaning into your computer? Is your back straight? My posture is horrible, and I thought it wasn't as bad as other people's, but for the time being while I'm hyper aware of how I'm sitting, where my shoulders are in relation to my feet, etc., I find myself continually correcting how I'm sitting or standing.

The amount of people who are sick these days is staggering and mind-numbing. The pharmaceutical industry is so scary and massive, there's a drug for everything these days and they all have a laundry-list of side effects. The sad thing is it wouldn't be that way if there wasn't a need these death peddlers were filling. The majority of people are so lazy, so disconnected and shut off that they don't get out, exercise, engage their bodies and minds, feed it crap food that has nothing nutritionally redeeming about it...setting themselves up for self destruction with each step through life. The amount of aches and pains that can be undone simply by stretching daily is amazing. If you don't feel good, try it: stretch after you wake up, and if you have a desk job, get up once in a while and stretch, and again before you go to bed. Take a total of 20 minutes out of your life spread throughout the day, and you'll notice a difference, I mean it.

I know I've talked about the food thing before. What you put into your body will generate your output. We all don't eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables. There's nothing wrong with meat, but in moderation and making sure it hasn't been tainted by hormones or chemicals. All the artificial and synthetic preservatives, dyes and perfumes in our environment are heavy, weighing us down and poisoning us; creating weird illnesses, allergies and diseases, all mixing with other noxious products of an overpopulated world, like paint fumes, gasoline, and household mold. People who don't feel their best are more likely to be unhappy, and experience discontentment. Not feeling well hinders creativity, positive productivity and self-actualization.

It's quick to fall into bad habits but hard to break out of them. It's hard to get in shape after being in a rut, it's hard climbing flights of stairs after you've taken the elevator for a year. I don't mean Lance Armstrong get in shape, just being able to get around, climb stairs, and have a decent range of flexibility.

I love living in Portland and being close to awesome places to hike. I could never forgive myself if I wasn't able to hike, climb, run and bike ride. I've waited through a good portion of life to get somewhere where the natural environmental beauty was so awe inspiring and seemingly infinite.

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