Saturday, February 17, 2007

just a bunch of random disconnected thoughts

I've been up since 4:45 and it's SATURDAY! I wish I had this problem on weekdays. So I went to the video store (among about a million other things I did today) and rented "The Greatest American Hero" season 1, disk 1. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm betting it's not as good as I remember. Anyway I'll keep you posted about that.

Why did Britney Spears shave her head? Why do I care? Can America stop talking about Anna Nicole already? Why aren't we talking about the over 3000 soldiers who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? (and all sorts of other places, too).

At work, I have been employing camouflage techniques to assimilate into my environment, and fly under the radar as much as possible.

If I stand really still next to the wall, my boss could walk by and not see me. Where does Heather end and the wall begin? If it weren't for the light switches, my disguise would be seamless. I call this "suburban camouflage."

Spring is starting to spring around here, hopefully tomorrow I can get out and get some pictures of my annual bulbs starting to bloom. No daffodils yet, but crocus or something is in bloom with all of it's purple brilliance. I know this region of the country is known for the heavy rain, but knock on wood and god bless global warming, it is so sunny today the blinding light hurt my eyes.

I hate internet explorer, and prefer to use Mozilla Firefox. I've recently installed an upgrade, and I really like the auto spell check feature. It makes me seem more intelligent then I am, and not so hooked on foniks.

How many of you kids from New Jersey and New York remember RIF--Reading Is Fun-damental? I just remember the commercials, that's about it. I think there was a bunch of inner city kids on a playground with big bird talking about the RIF program with some adult. That was before we were so hyper aware of pedifiles. The most scary part about pedifiles is just exactly who is in that big bird suit? One time I was at Disney, and someone in a beast costume (from Beauty and the Beast) hugged me so hard I could feel him through the costume, and my friends had to pry him off of me. Creepy.

The other day at work we were talking about that movie "Pay it Forward" and creating karma for yourselves by doing a good deed. I remembered when I was in NY and with a couple of friends, we were on a highway or something with a toll plaza (there's a million out there, and virtually none here) and slowed down to pay. This toll plaza was more pricey then your standard "pitch a quarter in the basket" type. It was a big money cross a bridge or tunnel type of toll plaza. My friend who was driving stopped to pay the money at the window, when the toll attendant told him, "don't worry about it, the car in front of you paid your way." My hope for the future of humanity had been restored for a brief glimmer in time, and from what I understand, this goes on all the time, there's all sorts of people paying double to cover the person in line behind them, repaying karma they've received.

Okay enough random thoughts, I have a quiche to make. Lucky for me the roaming wi-fi is working in my living room at the moment.

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