Saturday, March 24, 2007

careers for non-conformists

We went to Powell's bookstore the other day and I took some pictures. Powell's is a great bookstore because it's like a whole block big, I think about 4 floors high, and even has a big coffee shop inside, surrounded by shelves and shelves of books.

where was this book when I was in high school?

This is the scary parking garage Ric drove his big old truck into. Note that there is a severe incline directly ahead, and there is a car coming down straight at us. We were assigned a parking spot at the service window on the right, and it happened to be on the top level, or 4 th floor. The parking attendant told us several times to honk our horn while driving up and through the garage, and use our lights so other vehicles know we're there. So they know we're there?? Each time she reiterated, I felt a little less comfortable about the whole situation, and my skin was starting to crawl.

The oncoming vehicle exited the garage, which was a gate to the right of the above picture, and we proceeded up the narrow, steep, low-ceilinged concrete passageway. I can't even believe that this garage is considered to be safe and there aren't accidents. So the next thing that happened is that the truck stalled on the way up the last steep ramp, and we were blocked in by a SUV that was trying to come down. Unfortunately it was a dumb bitch driving, so she sat there blocking the ramp smiling and shaking her head. I tell you what, nothing is worse then a huge stick shift truck stalling out in the middle of the hill. This caused a physiological change in me; my heartbeat became rapid and I started to feel short of breath, sweaty palms and the urge to jump out of the truck. I didn't even get any pictures of the scene I was so freaked out.

After a few stressful minutes, the dopey lady finally backed up and gave us room, and Ric (the hero) was able to get the truck up the hill no problem. I don't think I could have handled that well at all. When I went to Seattle earlier this month I had something similar happen to me downtown, and it took about two days to recover from that. That's a whole different blog entry that's been a long draft for about 3 weeks.

I think the worst part was the amount of SUV's (!!) that were parked throughout the structure.

Things were much better after we got in our tiny parking spot. I started feeling a little more normal after I got out of the truck and walked around a little, then down 4 flights of stairs to the store. Exiting the garage was nowhere near as bad as getting up in there, and after the entire adventure I made a mental note to never park in that garage.

I noticed this sign when we stopped back at the attendant's booth dropping the truck keys off. Judging by the amount of tape on it, I'd say it was time for a new one.

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