Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I think I need to engage in some sort of intervention for my overweight cat...

I keep waiting for Susan Powers to jump out and shout "STOP THE INSANITY!" He's 14 pounds, which is pretty heavy considering he's a medium runty sized cat. The bad part is that last year at this time, he weighed only 10 pounds. 4 pounds in a year is insane; it's like a human gaining 70 pounds in a year, it would be pretty noticeable. But the absolutely worst part is that I took him to the vet last December, and he only weighed 12 pounds. in about 3 months, he put on 2 pounds.

I'm not sure how things got so out of hand. I think Marcus' weight started going downhill when Jim ran away. I admit, we were all depressed, but I think in my ignorance I felt that since his brain was the size of a marble, he wouldn't hold onto any sad feelings or anything. He was pretty depressed over the winter, too, I thought that he seemed to be laying around and sleeping more. He just seemed generally unhappy, and I assumed that it was because the weather was unfavorable and he wasn't going out as often. Whenever he does go out, he antagonizes his nemesis Toby, who chases him to the next block. But now I see how roly-poly he seems, and his breathing and snoring is so audible he reminds me of my dad when he's passed out. In general, Marcus seems to be in better spirits since flowers started blooming and the sun peeked out more, but what do I with him?

Marcus doesn't like human food. We've tried giving him everything, an he just smells it, maybe licks it, then makes a funny face while backing away from the food I'm trying to give him. The only non pet food things I can think of him ever liking is the tuna juice that is enclosed in cans of tuna fish. If we make tuna, Ric squeezes all the juice out into a bowl, and I swear I see Marcus smile while he's drinking it.

Marcus only eats one kind of cat food; Katz-n-flocken crunchy cat kibbles. He won't try any other brand. He even snubs canned food and most cat treats. So I'm not sure where the weight gain is coming from. He must be eating a lot of that kibble to put on 4 pounds in a year. The package advises to feed your pet 1 cup a day, but I think for a while if I noticed his bowl was empty, I'd put a scoop of food in.

I guess that could be part of the problem.

I feel guilty that it got so out of hand. I mean, I'm ultimately responsible for Marcus' outcome, I control the majority of variables in his environment. It is possible for the 5% of the time he's outside, he's getting into another cat's food dish, but he's out so infrequently that even if it was happening, I don't think it would be a contributing factor. At one point, the vet said, "didn't you notice him getting heavier when you picked him up?" Of course I replied, "yeah, but he didn't seem that heavy," when I really was thinking to myself in horror, "I didn't notice anything! He seems the same!" While at the vet, I stammered up a logical sounding rationalization to explain the rapid weight gain, but I felt really embarrassed and ashamed. Then I thought to myself, "it's not like I was feeding Marcus bacon, fried eggs and donuts. He's just eating the crunchy star-shaped cat kibble Katz-n-flocken."

And for a while Marcus and I were having it out in a passive-aggressive food battle. You see, Marcus won't eat the kibble if the star shape is broken off, which are all the small crumbs. He'll eat around the broken star points; first he'll selectively eat all of the whole star shaped kibbles out of his bowl, then move on to the ones missing 1 point, then the ones missing 2 points,and so on until there's nothing left in his bowl except the lone, broken star point cat kibble fragment. I pay about $8 a bag for Marcus' food, so I'm not throwing out snubbed broken star point cat kibble fragments, especially when it amounts to almost a whole bowl. So for a few weeks, I would often leave his bowl the way it was, instead of replacing the broken food pieces with whole food pieces.

Anyway good luck to the ol' pork chop. Maybe getting outside more is all he needs.

It's been nicer lately, weather that's just a little too cool for a t-shirt, but light jackets are too warm. I'm skeptical of this whole extra daylight savings time thing. What the hell?? Who came up with the idea to push daylight savings time up a month? Why doesn't Arizona or Indiana observe daylight savings time? Does that screw up people who live on the border areas of these states, and live in one and work in the other? I think it's a bunch of bullshit.

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