Thursday, March 22, 2007

was in Seattle on the first day of spring.

At the exact moment of the first moment of spring, we were driving on I-5, on our way back to Portland. I would have to say we were stopped at an Arco, getting gas and using the restroom. It was about exit 116, exiting to the towns of Vader and Toledo.

I love the way the clouds hover over the city...I get that low ceiling feeling in this kind of weather.

I'm glad it's finally spring, as I'm sure many people, animals and plants would agree. It's been a little warmer, mild enough for the rains to wake up the daffodils and cherry blossoms. When I breathe, the air tastes fresh; my pores drink the clean, crisp newness. The northern hemisphere of the world is like a coiled spring, tightly wound and ready to burst with the smallest nudge. The sun feels warmer and comfortable, and there is a vibrant explosion of colors everywhere.

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