Friday, April 13, 2007

freaked out and Pat Kiernan.

Well, I'm on vacation in New York, visiting family and friends in the area. I took a red eye flight Wednesday night, which arrived Thursday morning. The flight was good and I actually got a couple of hours rest, which is unusual because I get so keyed up about vacationing or flying (I'm not sure which because they blend after a certain point). The weather was really rainy; raining buckets, soaking everything, gathering in puddles, flooding sidewalks and street corners. The only difference between here and Portland weather wise is the trees and flowers haven't bloomed yet, but have buds that look ready to burst.

Something disturbing happened right as I was landing, actually right after we landed, when we were taxiing to our gate. I looked out my window, and saw a plane engulfed in flames across the tarmac. I couldn't believe what I saw and was staring in disbelief; was I having an acid flashback?? I said out loud, "Oh my god is that plane on fire?" which prompted everyone near me to look out their windows. A girl who was sitting next to me confirmed the situation. It really freaked me out, and I when I finally closed my eyes to go to sleep last night, I couldn't get that image of the gray-black burning plane out of my mind. The landing was kind of rough because of the weather, and I was pretty airsick. I should have taken a picture but I was so busy fighting the urge to vomit the opportunity passed me by.

Ironically I was watching CNN the same time we were landing, the same time I was watching the plane burn across the tarmac, and there was no mention of the incident. I rationalized that it must have been a training exercise. Since I've arrived in New York I've watched some Channel 1, and haven't heard a peep about any burning planes.


Oh well. With regard to the NY 1 channel, Pat Kiernan looks great! He must have a picture of himself in his attic that is aging. He looks younger and fresher then when I lived here (about 10 years ago). I used to enjoy watching him deliver reports on local news with a smirky, smarmy smile. Nothing like a subtle eye roll or uncomfortable silence between stories to convey an opinion without verbally stating it! After a couple of hours of watching him repeat the same news, it seems his news delivery style hasn't changed a bit.

He's no Sissy Biggers, though.

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