Monday, April 23, 2007

hindsight is 20:20

When I was at work one day venting about something that frustrated me, my boss told me that I was “just too agitated about it.” That reaction to my rant subsequently deflated my annoyance, and ever since, whenever I get annoyed about something I have a flash of my boss telling me that I’m just too agitated. It’s hard to be firm and effective when you are imagining your boss behind the person you are talking to, scoffing at whatever I’m on a tirade about.

So an incident occurred earlier that I probably got too agitated about. Looking back, I think I was annoyed about a number of things, mostly lack of communication and incompetence, but hardly anything to be annoyed about. Instead of acting I reacted, and in retrospect I could have handled things a million different ways. Of course that’s any story; how does that go, hindsight is 20:20? At least I didn’t do anything regrettable, like curse at someone, or run around screaming, or throw things. At these points in my day I like to focus on what went right.

And we passed the audit, 100%. I really only played a small part, organizing the information and playing hostess, but I’m still relieved it’s over. I couldn’t have done it without a lot of help from the people I work with (but not the ones who annoyed me earlier).

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