Tuesday, April 17, 2007


My vacation is drawing to a close, and today before my flight leaves I'm feeling ambitious and am going to try to get some last minute things done. Flights are on time, and I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but that's part of the fun of vacationing. It's been a little nostalgic at times, and after not being here for about 2 years, it seems the area is changing at a rapid pace. I went for a ride with my cousin the other night to pick up Chineese food, past my old apartment and past some things that were vaguely familliar. The laundromat I used to go to is now a Papa John's pizza place (oh the irony of corporate pizza in a place where individual italian pizzerias reign supreme), the bakery is now a bank, the grocery store is a National Liquidators store; the list goes on and on. Old houses and lots have been turned into condos, and it's seeming to me that the country is gentrifying at an eyeblinking, incredible rate. I found it particularally amusing that Spanish Harlem is now being referred to as "SpaHa." I get the feeling whenever I visit that I never left and have always been here; as if I haven't moved but passed and fast-forwarded through the time-space continoum, and the only way to meausre that is by the subtle, barely noticable changes taking place.

Please excuse the spelling errors, I'm writing on a Mac and the spell check option isn't working. I've always been hooked on foniks and modern technology gives me the appearance of literacy.

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