Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss Universe

The "Miss Universe" competition was on TV last night, and I, for one, was offended. I wasn't offended because they parade beautiful scantily clad women around under the guise that they are "competing" for a useless title, but I was offended because the only species that was competing were humans. I feel the competition was fixed, because the officials have created a situation where only a human can win. I didn't see any Martians, Vogons, or Trafalmadorians...no Rodians, or Mon Calamari, no Romulans or Klingons, it really is a miscarriage of justice in beauty pageantry. The only thing I noticed (besides the insane amount of humans competing) was just a blatant disregard for other alien races who may want to compete in the "Miss Universe" competition.

And when can we finally stop discriminating against robots and invite some droids to these competitions?

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