Thursday, May 17, 2007

skeevy hotel

I had to go to Seattle for a work function recently, and we stayed in a skeevy hotel, the Best Western Evergreen Inn in North Seattle. I've stayed at this hotel before and my experience wasn't so bad, but this time made up for and negated any good experience I might have had. The customer service was horrible, the clerk who checked me out had an attitude the size of Montana. She kept insisting that I pay the pet fee (I didn't bring pets, unless you count my co-worker), and after I refused she insisted that I give her my credit card to pay for the visit. I explaned that my boss' Executive Assistant made the reservations with a credit card, and that ws the only one that could be used. The last time I gave my credit card over at a hotel to cover "incidentials" they ended up charging my card, and several over-the-limit fees later this situation was finally resolved (and yes, I did get all the fees covered but it took a while and a lot of legwork).

The hot tub was milky, the beds were on an angle, the carpet smelled musty, and the comforter on the bed creeped me out (but then again it could be that episode of "Dateline NBC" that really instilled feelings of being creeped out).

There was a coffee maker in the bathroom, and a tray with 4 coffee mugs on it, and 2 packages of "Wolfgang Puck" coffee. My co-worker remarked that she wanted to change the "P" to and "F," which I didn't get a first, but then thought was pretty funny. On top of the coffee mugs were paper covers, and we noticed when we first got into our hotel room that one of the paper covers had a suspicious, small, curly black hair on top of it. I was so grossed out I could have gagged. Below is a picture of the hair and cup in question.

I think the bigger question is, why is there a coffee maker in the bathroom? Who thought this was a good idea? Making coffee in the bathroom is almost as gross as sharing reading material in the bathroom.

I took this picture, and went downstairs to show the clerk on duty what we were dealing with. He laughed when I showed him the picture, and said (I'm not making this up) "oh, well, we have Mexican housekeepers, what do you expect? Umm, don't use that cup." I'm glad we were only staying overnight.

What an experience. Don't waste your time or money in this place. There's about 10 places like this (and probably cleaner and less racist) within a stone's throw from this place.

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