Sunday, June 10, 2007

more on disgruntled job seekers

It's always fun dealing with people applying for open positions at our company, especially when our positions are made possible through a federal program providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We definitely come in contact with different job seeker personalities: people who think we discriminate against regularly-abled people (we are perfectly legal), people that are angry that you haven't considered interviewing them--when in reality you've received 150 applications for an open position and the person complaining has no relevant experience and didn't completely fill out the application--and the people who are angry because they are unemployed and just spend their day on-line picking apart employment ads. Below is a letter we received from someone who obviously fits in the last criteria mentioned.

----Original Message-----
From: Cre Cre
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2007 5:31 PM
Subject: Inquiry/question regarding Courier Position

I recently read an ad that your company ran on Craig's List, seeking to fill a courier position.

This is part of the description:

"This position is made possible through the JWOD program, and requires the applicant has a disability... Position requires applicant to be able to define and design delivery routes with attention to optimization. Pick up and delivery materials to multiple locations on a daily basis. Additionally, applicant must be able to pass a drug test and a background check, lift up to 50 Lb easily, be able to climb stairs and/or ladders, and be able to provide documentation of a disability. Position requires, twisting, stooping, squatting, bending and walking long distances."

How on earth is a person with disabilities supposed to "lift up to 50 Lb easily, be able to climbs stairs and/or ladders", and perform "twisting, stooping, squatting, bending and walking long distances"?

This company comes across as insane with a description like that. It's clear you people don't know what you're looking for, or understand what the word "disability" means, or need to further define what you mean by "disability". Anyone who can officially DOCUMENT their disability would not be able to perform any of those duties - certainly not to the degree you're requiring.

Please go back and revise the requirements and while you all do, be sure to devote some time actually utilizing your brain cells. You'll be doing all the people with disabilities a favor.


Our general protocol when we receive something like this is to not respond--first of all, adding to the bullshit just creates more bullshit. If someone felt strongly about what information was conveyed in a job posting, a more appropriate way to go about getting a response would be to call the numbers included in the job announcement and have a decent conversation with someone who could answer those questions. But we're not dealing with a rational or intelligent person here, we're obviously dealing with a coward empowered by internet anonymity. So, without further adieu, here's my passively annoyed, anonymous response:

Dear "Cre Cre":

I don't know where to begin after reading your letter. The sheer magnitude of your ignorance seems unreal, and I can't figure out if you suffer from mental illness or if you are just uneducated. It's a shame that you can't see beyond your narrow-mindedness when it comes to disability, and it's apparent that your idea of "disability" is some poor crippled person in a wheelchair or someone drooling and limping around...maybe you're envisioning us threatening to fire Chrispoher Reever unless he climbs a ladder while carrying a 50 pound box of files?

You chickenshit asshole, it's obvious your small mind couldn't consider that maybe a great candidate for this job would be one of our returning military servicemen, you know, many of those guys are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, having developed PTSD, or had a physical injury, such as amputations, deafness and blindness? Maybe we're a good fit for these guys because the company I work for provides a supportive work environment and an opportunity to make a federal prevailing wage with great benefits. Maybe someone with schizophrenia or autism would be successful, why would you discount any of these qualified candidates? You can be diagnosed with mental illness, or have a learning disability, and still be in shape, and be comfortably ambulatory. Maybe the ideal candidate can function better in a physically active job.

And why not credit people for knowing who their doctors are, or how to obtain documentation of their disability? Our company is the largest employer in our state of people with disabilities; approximately 800 of our 1100 employee workforce has a documented disability. If you did any research before emailing us, I think it would be clear to you that we know what we're doing, and it's working for over 50 years.

Thanks for your inquiry and go fuck yourself.

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