Saturday, July 07, 2007

happy 7th of july!

Well, I'm still researching firework related accidents. I read several articles all citing a 27 year old mother of 3 who had some illegal fireworks blow up in her face, killing her instantly. That was about the only article I repeatedly saw. There were a bunch of generic articles about drinking and driving, and traffic related accidents, but those accidents don't really count as firework related accidents. The people in my neighborhood are still lighting off fireworks, I can't believe they still have stuff to light off. Since the 4th of July was on a Wednesday this year, many of us had to work on Thursday. The small percentage of people who didn't have to work made sure they carried on the festivities throughout the night. And since it's been hot here, we all have open windows. The result was every time I'd start to fall asleep, another explosion or high pitched whistle would jolt me awake and I would immediately wonder if my car was still intact. I can't even imagine what the people with PTSD go through, especially if they're recently back from the war.

I think the media and news outlets downplay the fireworks accidents, unless they're particularly injurious or gruesome. I did stumble upon, a comprehensive website keeping you up to date with any amusement park related criminal activity, ride accidents, injuries or deaths.

So I've been going out to dinner twice a month with a few neighbors--the old ladies of the neighborhood, I'm easily 1/2 the age of the other dinner-goers. We went out on that Thursday and devoted about 20 minutes of conversation about bitching about the fireworks that kept us all up. I can't believe any of these women didn't suffer a cardiac arrest. I like to spice things up a bit when I go out with these women, so I'll throw a fiery topic into the mix. I transitioned from "how the fireworks annoyed me last night" to "do you think it's appropriate women breast feed in public?" One of the ladies in our group elaborated and said she was out at a restaurant eating lunch when a woman sitting at the table next to her whipped out her breast and started feeding her infant who was "just out of the chamber."

Anyway, other hot transition topics have been:
  • What was on Oprah today (I miss out on this one because I work)
  • What's been happening on "Days Of Our Lives" (I have been watching this soap on and off since 1983, and stay updated by visiting
  • The war (any of them)
  • The president and the government (usually segwayed from the previous topic)
  • People putting pressure on women to have children (how come society's doesn't promote adoption?)
  • Jobs that haven't worked out and why
  • Growing up with multiple siblings we fought with (okay, this doesn't really apply to me but fun to listen to)
  • How late the medical transport service got me to my medical appointment (this doesn't really apply to me)
  • Prescription drugs and combinations that give you a buzz (this also doesn't apply to me)
  • Gossip about the other women who couldn't make it
  • Critiquing what the remainder of the group has ordered
Each time we're out we decide on where to meet next, and usually go to some Denny's type of place. The area of town we meet in is known for having a variety of restaurants in a few block radius, and is a half way point for those of us who live in my area, and the other women who live in the suburb east of here. It's usually more fun then I think it will be when I go out, at least the conversations are funny and I can always find something to eat on the menu.

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Anna said...

Isn't it creepy to think that in some parts of the world, it sounds like the 4th of July every day? Minus the fun, of course. Makes me wonder about the refugees we have living around here.