Monday, July 09, 2007

Misty Mountain Farm

The weekend before last I went to visit a friend named Lynn who lives along Hwy 30 in Oregon, the road you take from Portland to Astoria and the Pacific coast. She lives in a small town named Clatskanie (pronounced Clat-ska-nie), and it wa absolutely beautiful. Lynn and her family have 2 horses, 1 llama, 3 goats, 2 peacocks, 2 turkeys, many chickens, a rabbit, a dog and a cat. At first I was scared of the llama, because when I parked near his corral, he came running over. I was expecting him to spit on my windshield or something, my only knowledge of a llama is what I saw on Napoleon Dynamite. Lynn reassured me that their llama, Mocha, is nothing like the Napoleon Dynamite llama, and I soon discovered that Mocha was the friendliest animal I have ever met. He was like a 4 year old crossed with a big cat or something. He was very expressive and receptive, and seemingly had facial expressions of happiness, concern, worry and anger.

At one point Mocha was so overly excited that he sneezed a mouthful of llama saliva, snot and grass on my face. And as timing would have it, my mouth happened to be a little open when this happened. I wanted to vomit, it was so awful. My only saving grace is that I was wearing my ridiculously big sunglasses, which took the brunt of the snot grass mixture.

The other animals were great too. Lynn's farm was really nice and well kept, and didn't smell like a farm at all. If the horses shit, I had no idea where.

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