Monday, August 13, 2007

it's been awhile...

Practically a month! So much has happened in such a short time. Let's see...

I went to the Country Fair:

It was fun, a great time. There was great music and dancing, a positive energized atmosphere, and many smiling people there. I went with a friend who introduced me to one of her friends, who was working at the fair at a booth. The booths weren't like typical festival 10x10 canopied spots; they were these elaborate wooden two story structures strategically nestled into groves of trees and woods.

The great thing about knowing someone who works at the fair is you can spend time in the back of their booth relaxing during the hottest part of the day, meet other people who are sharing the workload at that particular booth, and listen to great music. My friend's friend (introduced to me as "Squirt") was really friendly, knew her way quickly around the fairgrounds (on my own I felt as if I were going around in circles) and never ceased to offer me food and drink. The hospitality I received was amazing.

I went to Seattle again for work:

That was the last time I ate a solid meal. I ended getting sick early in the morning after I returned. When I wasn't vomiting or hallucinating, I spent much of my time suspecting any number of things I ate in Seattle as being a food poisoning culprit. All it takes is one dirty bus boy who didn't wash after he wiped his ass to accidentally touch the inside of my water glass. Yuck.

Could it be possible that the cupcake I ate made me sick??

The very last thing I ate before I became violently ill was a chocolate cupcake. The second to last thing I ate before I became sick was BBQ chicken. I now gag whenever I think of chocolate cupcakes or BBQ.

One of the things I ate the day before I became sick...could it have been the spinach? the chicken?

I got really sick [sorry, no pictures of this]:

According to Kaiser Permanente, nothing was wrong with me. My reality was spent at least 3 days out of work, mostly on the toilet with a bucket in my lap or writhing in agony on my bed. I couldn't drink or eat anything for 3 days. By the 4th day, I was successfully drinking sips of water, vegetable broth and ginger ale (the organic kind, not the high fructose corn syrup kind). I also had a migraine so severe any smells, sounds, or light would make me vomit or cause my head to pound. After 5 days I felt pretty good, just very weak from starving and still had diahreha so severe I felt as if someone was dumping a bowl of water into the toilet. My lack of solid stools after so many days started to concern me.

In the middle of all of this, I went to the doctor and submitted a "sample." At this point I suspected a mutated super-virus, food poisoning of every type, and cancer. (I didn't consider cancer until about the 4th day of feeling horrible). It took Kaiser a week to determine the results, and by that time the illness was all but a bad memory. They charged me an additional fee on top of co-pays for the useless lab results, and I'm sure they think I made it all up.

I'm so glad to be better.

I displayed my glass art again at the Utopia Cafe:

I didn't sell too much this time but also didn't have much time between shows to produce a whole new series of material. I don't mind if I don't sell too much, it's nice to have my art showing at a business and impressive to take a friend out to breakfast where my art is showing.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie.

I also read the synopsis and end to the final Harry Potter book. I know who dies!

I bought more action figures from The Missing Link!

Photos coming soon, but here's photos of my most recently acquired Heatherettes to hold you over:

I think that catches things up. I anticipate doing a great deal of hiking and visiting other places soon, so that will generate more interesting photos.

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