Thursday, September 13, 2007

live free or die

I've been in New Hampshire since Saturday night, and I have to observe that it's absolutely beautiful here. The weather for the first part of our trip was cool and really rainy, but yesterday the sun came out and the blue skies opened up.

Buckets of rain when we first arrived!

cutthroat scrabble game (and I won both games!)

I really like visiting different towns and reigons of the country to observe the small differences--supermarket names, the way the streets are set up, common franchises, all the strange accents, and especially in New England there's a lot of a colonial element, towns founded in 1623 and 1637. Many old stone walls, some I'm sure are at least 300 years old. The houses and structures have a distinct look that I've not seen anywhere else.

I have hundreds of photos I'm going to post soon. I'm still behind from the pictures I took last weekend!

distant lighthouses hard at work today!

The first part of our trip we stayed with one of Ric's sisters who lives in a remote country area. It's still in town, but you can see every star at night and don't hear much besides the frogs chirping. There also wasn't a cell signal, but it shouldn't matter because I'm on vacation, right?

Lots of $6 lobster. I've had a great deal of delicious chowder and seafood since I've been here.

Portsmouth, NH and the Memorial Bridge.

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