Sunday, October 14, 2007

a beautiful autumn tree

All the trees are beginning to change color and a fall feel is definitely in the air. A lot of pumpkin things going on -- pumpkin bread, carving pumpkins, and Halloween.Why does spell check insist on capatilizing Halloween? I just scanned through wikipedia, and it seems that spell check and the general public capitalizes Halloween for the sake of capitilizing it.

I made an awesome pumpkin bread the other day, I added some pumpkin butter to the recipe and it was so delicious and dense. I ate a piece and it sat heavy like a lump in my chest until I could wash it down with some hot coffee.

Below is another picture of the yard sale mascot. This cat wouldn't stand still for a picture so the best I could do was his front with his head turned. I think he had ADHD. He wasn't skittish; his behavior could better be described as easily distracted.

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