Thursday, October 25, 2007

food can make or break a luncheon

I attended a luncheon the other day and the food was horrible. The luncheon location was beautiful, it was in a banquet room at the World Forestry Center. Every window surrounding the octagon shaped room yielded views to a variety of trees in fall colors mixed with deep evergreens. The lighting was nice and the wait staff were really attentive, but I didn't eat much.

click on the picture and get a real close up view of the salad situation.

So lunch was basically this: Three piles of mayonnaise based salads on a plate. Nothing else, no salad, no was really strange. It was essentially a pile of egg salad, a pile of macaroni salad, and a pile of tuna salad. I started eating the tuna with my fork because it looked like the best bet on the plate, when I noticed a plate in the middle of the table with a pile of bread and butter packages stacked on it. What was that all about? Were we supposed to eat bread and butter with our tri-salads, or make our own varied sandwiches? What's with all the mayonnaise anyway? There was a pitcher of coffee on the table that wasn't too bad but I started thinking that tuna and coffee would give me really bad breath, and after the keynote speaker they'll be time to network. Nothing like breathing fishy coffee breath all over someone.

When we were served lunch, I looked over at a couple of my co-workers and saw they were grimacing back at me. One woman mouthed the words, "what is this?" to which I audibly replied, "This definitely isn't Simply Thyme." Simply Thyme is a great place our company used for catering a large function a couple of weeks ago. The polar opposite of what we were eating at the luncheon.

There also was a plate of gross looking cookies and brownies. The brownies looked artificial and had visible droplets of condensation on them. The cookies looked unappetizing also, they looked as if they had milk chocolate chips in them as opposed to the semi-sweet chocolate chip.

Very disappointing. Who thought that was a good idea?

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