Saturday, October 13, 2007

yard sale today!

My friend had a garage sale today, and I came by and brought a car load of things I wanted to get rid of. A third friend also brought her stuff by to sell, so we had a mega sidewalk sale.

Quite a few people came by, and it was a beautiful day. It had been cooler and rainy recently, but today we entered a high pressure system and it was sunny and about 70 degrees.

At one point I met a homeless woman who escaped a domestic violence situation, and drove from El Paso to Portland with all of her possessions packed into an 85 LeBaron with thick plastic covering the areas where the passenger side windows were. I gave her a stereo with 4 speakers and a skirt for $1.00. I also gave her a glass cross; I'm not religious but made one as a test project. I got the impression there might have been demand for this after I received a few requests. I tried to make a prototype, and decided that the process was too time consuming to consider for production. I didn't know what to do with the cross, so I just hung it on the wall.

After I met this woman, I felt that she the person I had to give it to because she kept telling me how blessed she was. She started off thanking me excitedly because of the deal on the stereo, but went on to explain that along the way recovered things she had to leave, has a storage space and has been filling it with free household furnishings. She's been coordinating assistance since she came here and is about to get her own apartment. I gave her the cross and told her it was a housewarming gift.

We also had a yard sale mascot, this little black cat. He seemed like a juvenile and was the friendliest cat I'd ever met. Nobody knew where he came from, he just appeared this morning and spent the day with us and all of the yard salers. He was all over the many boxes of things stacked around, on tables, in clothing piles, and climbed all the trees around the yard sale.

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