Saturday, October 27, 2007

glad I'm not a diplomat

It's a new era, different world, new kind of war...

CNN is running a story that tells of a shortage of employees at the U.S.Embassy in Iraq to the point that they are drafting diplomats who are working in the U.S., and making working in Iraq mandatory. Diplomats who refuse will be fired for "failing to uphold their oath to serve the United States and the Constitution." Can you believe that? I found similar articles covered by ABC News, the Baltimore Sun, and the BBC News, as well as several other global sources.

I did a little research, and a "Foreign Service Officer" or diplomat, begins a career entry level with no previous experience at $40,365. Masters Level starts at $45,000. Is that enough income to be drafted and put your life on the line? How much is a life worth? You think most people would say you can't put a price on risking your life, but people do it every day all the time. It seems that if you end up going to Iraq (volunteering to or otherwise) there's a 35% foreign post-differential pay and 35% danger pay in addition to your base compensation.

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