Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy Halloween!

(the pumpkin on the right is lopsided because it is rotting).

One Halloween when I was a teen-ager, a group of us armed ourselves with Supersoaker water guns filled with jalapeno pepper juice. We piled into our friend's station wagon and drove around neighborhoods that were busy with trick-or-treating children. Our mission was to seek out and subdue the 13 year old bullies that were on their bikes, known most for riding around harassing and stealing candy from the younger kids. The look of surprise on their faces as we drove alongside them and blasted them was priceless. Kind of like that credit card commercial--

Super Soaker Aqua Shock HydroBlitz: $34

5 gallons of JalapeƱo pepper juice: $37.59

1/2 tank of gas: $7.00

facilitating justice on Halloween: priceless.

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