Sunday, October 07, 2007

it all happens so quickly

here we are again, early almost mid October and there's clearly a seasonal change occurring. It's been a little damper and cooler, and we cranked the heater on earlier this week to dry out our clothes and hopefully combat the mold starting to grow again in the corner of the ceiling in my room. I like fall but I have to say that I like every season--they all have a distinct vibe and feeling, and seasonal foods are great too. It seems like just yesterday I was eating nectarines and cherries. I clearly remember where I bought the last bag of cherries; it was from a roadside stand, somewhere on rural hwy 26 between Portland and the coast. The guy was packing up and it was a instant impulse to pull over at see if I could get some cherries, and he sold me a quart for $6 bucks. They were delicious.

I was shopping earlier at Trader Joe's and bought pumpkin bread mix and some fresh pumpkin butter. I don't regret seasons changing; instead it reminds me that time marches on and I'm getting older. I don't feel old but I do feel that I have some experience in life that I can look back on. When I was in my 20's many of my experiences were new beyond the controlled environment of my teenage years, and going forward from present I have a variety of things to compare current events to. It's interesting and often I think about where I'm living, where I lived, people I've known and current relationships, the history of things, observing change, all sorts of things. It's amazing how complex humans are.

I also have a theory that as we spend more time on the planet in our bodies, our perception of the speed of the earth's rotation is faster and the amount of speed in which time and events pass is faster with each passing moment. Like a gradual fast forward. I consider this theory because I clearly remember being in my 9th grade algebra class and time just really taking it's time, the 56 minute class lasted a minimum of an eternity. There were times when I was younger when I couldn't believe how long Sunday mass was. Or going to catechism on Tuesdays after school. Shopping with my mom. Now the days, weeks and months whiz by. If I blink too often I miss something. I find I never have time for all the things I want to do. And it just seems to get faster. It's not too bad now, but I'm sure it will sneak up on me and I'll be 67 before I know it.

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