Monday, October 15, 2007

recent adventures with the Red Cross

I donated blood on a couple of Mondays ago; there was a blood drive at my work and I got in on the blood action. It was no problem, I've donated blood in the past and I usually appreciate the raisins, crackers and juice they provide. I was really brave; I watched as they inserted the 16 gauge needle into my art. It was kind of freaky and interesting watching my blood spirt into the tubes attached and fill the translucent bags on the other end. I should have photographed the event, but alas I missed my window of opportunity. I guess I had a good strong flow because it only seemed like I was in the chair for 10 minutes.

So on Tuesday I notice that I missed a call on my cell phone and instead of checking the message, I just called the last number back. A switchboard operator answered and said, "Hello, Red Cross, how may I direct your call?" I hung up. I started to wonder about why the Red Cross would call. Was there something wrong with my blood? Did they detect pregnancy? Did I have a disease?? My mind raced through a number of irrational possibilities while I dialed to check my voice mail to see if the message shed any light on the situation. When I finally accessed the message, it was from a volunteer calling to thank me for donating blood.

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