Thursday, December 06, 2007

NASA is at it again...

Just in case you started to forget about NASA and their zany antics, here's a link to an article that came out today. It seems they were ready again to launch when someone noticed a faulty fuel sensor or something. As a result, they postponed the launch for a couple of days. News of the postponement particularly disappointed Europeans because The Atlantis was scheduled to lug a bunch of their techno-space stuff up to the International Space Station.

I was reading part of the article that discusses the issue with the fuel sensor and how it works, when I read this line:

The launch could have gone forward if only one of the sensors failed — but two of them gave bad readings on Thursday.

What's that all about??

That's about a blatant lack of quality, that's what. How could they justify launching a shuttle into space with only one sensor working? I think that's a lot different then driving around with one headlight or something. Whether or not the sensors work properly could mean the difference between living or becoming a fiery ball of space dust.

And I can't understand why the Europeans are disappointed. Their space furniture could have been included in the fiery ball of space dust. If they're so concerned about getting their stuff in space why don't they get some other space program to bring it up? What's Richard Branson up to, I'm sure he'd fly the stuff up.

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