Saturday, December 08, 2007

portion control?

When I arrived at work the other day, I was greeted by random hunks of cake on plates. I have to be honest, I don't trust the person I suspect put this cake out. I think he might be one of those "not washing hands after using the rest room" type. Even if they wash their hands, I'm positive they're not conscious of touching door handles, railings, and elevator buttons. I've written before from a workplace where there is public food available. And I don't like it; I'm sure a finger or two was used to get the square of cake out of the pan, and I'm sure the frosting on those dirty fingers was licked off too.

My cube mate took up this offer of community work cake. She took two bites and said, "you know, this really isn't good." It did look weird, the cake seemed like a combination of mixes and the frosting seemed a little glopy and weird. Some pieces of cake on the table had extra glopy dollops of frosting on the cake exposed side of the square.

The only community table of work food items I really trust are things in wrappers. Or if I personally know who made it and get the first or second piece.

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