Wednesday, December 12, 2007

say it isn't so

I was surfing around some entertainment news when I stumbled upon this article:

‘Knight Rider’ is back

Wondering what you’ll do with your February if there are no new TV shows to watch? Well, one night is taken care of. NBC announced that “Knight Rider” will return Feb. 17 as a two-hour movie event. Among the stars of the film: David Hasselhoff will reprise his role as Michael Knight, and Will Arnett of “30 Rock” will be the voice of Kitt.

Boy I hope it doesn't come to this. I'm kind of curious, I have to admit. That David Hasselhoff is quite a character, and back in the day he was quite the cheese. He's still cheese, but also kind of scary, sad, drunk, pompous and vain.

I used to really be into this show. I thought the technology was really advanced, but re-watching this intro makes me realize it's just lame special effects. I like how there was the standard 'hot chick' mechanic who worked on K.I.T.T., leaning over the hood of the car in a provocative way. I completely forgot about that old dude. Who was he, the placement agent?

What was with the mobile garage in the tractor trailer? Even as a kid I suspected they had that just to add to the cheese stunt driving effects. It seemed so cool at the time. I never had a clue that K.I.T.T. wasn't speed driving, the people producing the show just sped regular film up.

And what was with that steering wheel?? I would not feel comfortable driving that car with a steering wheel like that, but I guess if K.I.T.T. could drive himself I wouldn't worry as much. I'm sure it's in K.I.T.T.'s best interest to correct any erroneous driving that could cause damage. I guess if Michael Knight drank the way David Hasselhoff does he wouldn't have to worry about driving home drunk.

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TM8752 said...

In a way all special effects are lame. The other day I was watching the new 2006 King Kong and then for fun we watched the original. Thats when I realized the special effects in the original were better. I mean that because in the new film, all the special effects were done by a computer. Big deal. In the original, they were done by people moving those animals around and taking shots of them frame by frame. It must have taken a lot of work and a long time and when you watch it they look pretty neat in action. Pretty impressive.