Monday, December 03, 2007

tupperware trading party

I want to have a Tupperware trading party for everyone who has a bunch of mismatched lids and bottoms floating around their kitchen cabinets. I swear every time I go to put leftovers or tomorrow's lunch away, I find the perfect bottom but no matching lid. And while I'm sorting through both of the places I keep all those crazy things jumbled up, I find lids that seem to cover awesome bottom pieces that are mysteriously gone.

There's go to be other people out there facing the same dilemma. Like you, I can't part with those odd, incomplete misfits and keep tossing them back into the cabinetry abyss in hopes one day the other piece turns up. Rarely do I experience this reunion; once I forgot I put a leaky plant inside of a container with the intention to eventually re-pot it. It was pretty cool to make that discovery.

On a side bar I think Dilemma is one of the tougher words to spell. If it were a game show question I'd more then likely get it wrong. I really put the spell check to the test with the mangle attempted spelling, which came out as "dillema." I guess that isn't too far off the mark. The funny thing about spell check is the possible replacement words it provided were "Guillema," "Guillema's," "Willemstad", "allemande" and "Willem". Those choices really threw me off and it took another couple of stabs spelling it to get it.

Anyway, back to the Tupperware party, I envisioned a bunch of people showing up at some apartment, and maybe it'd be a pot luck bring snacks type of thing. Cookies, appetizers, cheese, crackers, cakes, fruit...possibly beer too, but I'm also open to tea and coffee parties. You could even store some pot luck leftovers in your newly completed container set! Maybe there'd be a big table in the center of the room with a giant piece of paper on the table , and each person who showed up set their pieces on this table and wrote their name next to it to identify who's container it is. Then each person would have to negotiate with the other, but I think a good general rule of thumb would be to give up the lids to the owner of the container, unless the owner of the container declined and let the lid owner keep the set.

In any event, everyone should go home with some leftover snacks!

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