Wednesday, March 19, 2008

today is the 5th anniversary of the beginning of the IRAQ war

When originally pitched to congress, G.W. said it would cost 50 to 60 billion, and take about 18 months to topple Saddam Hussein. Five years later, the war's price tag is up to 600 billion, and by the time the war actually ends, it's expected to cost up to 1 to 2 trillion dollars.

3,992 members of the us military have died. Currently there are 158,000 troops in Iraq. There is still no exit strategy and no clear accounting of how and what the budget is spent on.

It has been 1,833 days since George W. Bush declared the end of the war.

"major combat operations have ended"

There's no system in place or anyone ready to step up and take over Iraq.

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Here's a link to a CNN article about Bush's new all time low approval rating.

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