Sunday, April 27, 2008

mystery ritual

the neighbor’s kitchen is behind my headboard, on the other side of my bedroom wall, and right around when I want to go to sleep they begin a strange ritual of running the water for 10 to 20 seconds and follow up with an unidentifiable something noisy for about 30 seconds. They repeat this process for at least an hour. Sometimes they mix up the running water and banging cycle with foot stomping, then walking to the other end of the kitchen, pause for a few moments, then pound back to the sink where the 10-20 seconds of water on resumes. When I’m in bed and this is going on, I’m so distracted I can’t sleep. Last night it woke me up; they started performing the weird water ritual about 12:30 and I swear I had just dropped off into a pleasant and relaxing R.E.M. cycle. It’s about 10:30 and I’ve wanted to go to bed for about a ½ hour now but I’m waiting for the strange ritual to cease.

If they were just doing something normal like dishes I don’t think I would care and could get to sleep. But when they turn the water on and the off so soon there’s a noise the pipes make, a kind of pressurized thud that happens in the wall separating me from the sink of origin. That “thud” is what jolted me awake last night. It’s a real inconvenience and it’s not even something I can really complain about because it’s not like they’re deliberately having a drunken party or playing video games too loud. They’re just doing something with the kitchen sink every 10 to 20 seconds.

I have no idea what is going on back there. At first I considered that maybe the people that lived there were doing dishes, but the amount of time spent repeating this cycle would either indicate they are doing a boatload of dishes (which I doubt) or they were filling up a 50 gallon aquarium. And I can’t imagine they’d have to fill the aquarium up more then once. I thought maybe the guy who lived there was mentally ill but you can hear conversation sometimes, like it’s a guy who lives there but his girlfriend is hanging out in the kitchen while he’s doing the weird water thing. You can hear normal mundane conversation in the background while all this sloshing, banging and stomping is going on. I thought maybe they cooked elaborate meals and then had to clean up an excessive amount of dishes, but even if only one person was over there doing the dishes they would still get done sooner then the amount of time the water ritual is going on.

Sometimes the strange water ritual is so loud I can hear the water in the pipes and the stomping in the front of my apartment. I can’t for the life of me figure out what is going on and am really intrigued. This has been going on for over an hour now, and I really want to inquire as to what they are doing. I went outside before when I first noticed the ritual walked past my bedroom window and their kitchen window. Their blinds were drawn but I could see a silhouette of a guy in the kitchen at the sink. Doesn’t the girlfriend get bored? What could possibly be going on?? Why does this happen several times a week?? Why can’t this guy just play video games or watch TV like every other normal 20-something.

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The Rant said...

It sounds like they are running a small meth lab. Nothing to worry about. The problem will self-correct since it won't be too long before they burn down the entire apartment complex. :)