Thursday, April 03, 2008

sping is in the neighborhood

he just won't look at the camera

cherry blossoms

spring's daffodils

cherry blossoms

It's been really beautiful lately, all of a sudden the cherry trees outside of my apartment are starting to bloom, the irises are growing, Rosemary's been in her garden and when the sun shines it's really warm. Spring and summer are especially nice out here in the Pacific Northwest. It's like nowhere else I've been so far; everything is so green and blue, the air smells extra fresh and faintly of a mix of pine needles and freshly baked bread (I think the bread thing is partly due to the fact I've been lucky to live near bakeries in a couple of apartments). I've been spring cleaning and getting rid of things and rearranging, giving my home and work a feel of moving energy.

Going through my old stuff evokes some interesting memories. It feels good to analyze something and determine that I can shred it; it's something behind me and something that won't come up again. I've shredded a ton of stuff in that category, for whatever reason I'm holding onto a decade's worth of stuff.

I think it's time to let it go.

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