Wednesday, May 21, 2008

dropping by and The Big 80's

I have a pet peeve…it is work related as I’m sure a great percentage is. Someone “dropped by” to find out if I could print out their work history. Usually that’s the kind of thing that I can’t pull up on a whim, I need time to read through scanned documents to find relevant materials. So I’m super busy and tell the receptionist to get their contact information and I’ll look into it and contact them when I have something.

So now I have time to look up this person’s info and they’ve been working with us for a while, and there’s not too much in their personnel file so I don’t know why they didn’t just call me. I printed off the application the employee filled out when he first applied to work with us and the employment section is blank! What the fuck are they expecting me to produce in regard to “employment history?” and why do they want me to call them so they can come pick it up? Can’t I just tell them over the phone what day they started?

So I call this person in question and he (or she, I’m not sure which and the name doesn’t give a clue) isn’t home. Someone else answers who seems like they’re still in the learning phase of English. I ask I can leave a message and am met with silence. So I say “work history?” and the person on the other ends says, “yah, yah, the work stuff.” So I say which work stuff, because there’s not a lot I can print out, the application is blank. Again, silence. “Okay,” I resign myself to the communication barrier, “I’ll call back tomorrow.” I noticed on the message the receptionist took there was a message number. So I dial the message number and on the fifth ring I am subjected to the longest rap song-message intro ever. Seriously, all chock full of mother-fuckers and weapon references, for so long I contemplated hanging up. But I hung tough then left a detailed message. I hope the person receiving the message understands more English then the person who answered at the other number. Based on the intro song, they at least understand some element in rap music. Not that I have anything against it, I think I was more annoyed at the length of time I had to endure the song before I could leave a message.

On a side bar, I’m all up and down the satellite radio channel but keep going back to “big 80’s.” Am I trapped in the 80’s? I’m sure on some level I am. I have been considering getting my hair feathered lately. Big 80’s is the only station in which I know every song that’s playing. Now I also like the old school rap station and the heavy metal stations, I’m also open to electronica stuff. But I keep gravitating back to the 80’s. I’m not sure why; I’ve been into decades of music. I mean the 80’s station is even beating out the classic rock station, and I spent several years listening to classic rock.

And on a completely different note, I just noticed there’s a booger on my mouse. I hope it’s mine.

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