Sunday, May 04, 2008

great weekend.

This weekend was great. I've done fun and new things with new people and it feels like spring is finally really here. The shining sun is a welcome sight after this extended winter we had. Hopefully the sun is here to stay. I've spent the weekend outdoors feeling the elements and enjoying the blooming foliage.

Yesterday I went for a hike with my new friend Bridget to Dog Mountain, located on the Washington side of the Columbia River gorge. Dog mountain wasn't blooming with yellow balsamroot yet, there were still snow patches and snow fields to contend with. The higher we got, the worse the weather got. Not that it was bad, the peak was enveloped in fast moving densely moist and chilly clouds. As we ascended the wind whipped harder, my layers felt heavy with moisture and the colder the breeze was. I want to go back in a few weeks when the snow is mostly gone to see the mountainside in brilliant bloom, but I'm glad I went on Saturday because the phenomena of snow and cloud was amazing:

Nice view at the summit, ha! About a 2820 foot climb from the trailhead. whew!

The weather was strange in that at lower elevations everything was mossy green lush Pacific Northwest typical woods. It's been so uncharacteristically chilly lately that the snow line is still relatively low. We literally packed a variety of things, I wore layers from t-shirt to sweat shirt to jacket and at one point I could have used gloves too.

I have a more pictures of yesterday's adventure on Dog Mountain on my Flickr photoset.

I also met some great people on Sunday.

Armando is a graphic artist who recently moved to Portland from Washington, D.C.

Lefty is a street musician originally from Long Island, NY.

Christina (also known on Flickr as "Barbiecore") designs, makes and sells her own clothing and accessories. I met her on Flickr about 6 months ago, but today was the first time I got to meet her in person.

Ashley makes and sells fused glass jewelry. She has a booth in the Portland Saturday Market sort of under the Burnside Bridge. She works a day job in an office but her true passion is to make and sell her jewelry.

It was beautiful today; the weather couldn't have been better.

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