Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm a slacker

A big slacker, it's been over a month since I last updated my blog with a new entry. But that doesn't mean that I've had about 10 half-started ideas I wanted to expand upon; and the amount of significant bloggable things I've neglected to mention and let just pass by is amazing. Space Shuttles have launched and landed about 2 times since my last entry--2 for 2; none blew up this time. We've got all these theories about Mars flying around and there's all sorts of political things going on, the weather's going crazy, gas prices are exorbitant (and expect to reach $5 a gallon by the end of summer) and I've a lot of pictures and had a couple of notable adventures.

And last Tuesday was my first day back to school in about 13 years. They tell me most of my old credits are transferable, but I have yet to notice them show up in my web-based student password portal place. School (so far) is fun, much more fun then I remember from 13 years ago. Of course so far I've only been back for not even a week, but it feels different. I feel like this time around I have a passion to learn, where before it was more a matter of registering with my friends, and signing up for the same classes they had to take or whatever randomly sounded good. That's why I have credit for an oceanography class. I also took a class called "Biological Issues." I don't have much of a recollection of some of these classes, but I seem to remember watching a lot of movies in Oceanography and opting to sleep.

Looking at my transcript now, I can't imagine I ever would have been interested in some of the subjects I took if it weren't for Curt and Jesus registering for it at the same time I was registering. I think my last college experience wasn't serious and I treated it more like I was hopping on the high school part II bandwagon.

I've developed a strong affinity for bacon lately. So strong it compelled me to purchase a package of bacon last weekend. I made the entire package for breakfast and what I didn't eat for breakfast I put on my chicken pizza for dinner. Damn it was good and I know of a few fellow bacon lovers who would agree and ask me why I hadn't made this discovery sooner.

I've had some weird dreams lately too. Maybe it's all the bacon I've recently consumed? I also think when I am dealing well with anxiety in waking life it has to come out somewhere and dreamland is the only place more unpredictable then the awake world. At least the awake world follows general rules of order, gravity and logic. Not in dream world though. And in true chaotic fashion my dreams are not complete dreams, but fragmented portions of dream that distort reality and blur the line between the waking world and the sleep world.

I had a dream last night I was in a big pool at night, hiding from some people in a building who were shooting at me. I kept swimming to the bottom, and would come up in the corner and quickly gasp for air before swimming to the bottom again. But underwater was all clear, it wasn't the blurry murky world below the water's surface. The real disturbing part of this dream (as if someone shooting at you wasn't enough) was whenever a friend came into the water to see me or help me escape, they would get shot and before long there were 4 or 5 bodies of friends floating around. But they weren't friends I currently know; they were the manufactured dream world of friends, for example one of my "friends" was a personal trainer I see at the gym every morning. I've never talked to him and don't know what his name is, but in my dream his name was Larry and he drove a Volvo. And was wearing plaid shorts. I'm not sure about the shirt, I'm thinking a white argyle shirt, but I'm positive about the shorts. Now I've only seen this personal trainer wearing the red and black garb or our gym's trainer colors, so I find it interesting that I dreamt he was wearing something other then the only thing I've ever seen him in. I think before Larry was shot he brought me a strange set of several keys, not your run of the mill house or car keys, but weird elongated keys with weird teeth patterns cut into them. I think this set of keys eventually opened a panel underwater in the wall of the pool and I was able to access a door and escape into the building (which I perceived to be a guard house) where the shooter was shooting from. I woke up after that, but I remember not feeling scared in my dream at that point, I think I was determined to kick the shooter's ass.

It's really beautiful this cloudy Sunday afternoon. Yesterday it was really hot, perhaps the hottest day of the year. I think it got up to 98 degrees, it was great. Today was a bit cooler (about 87 degrees) and started out sunny, but this afternoon thunderclouds moved in. We rarely have thundershowers here and today is one of those lucky occasions. I haven't seen any lightning yet but the old familiar rumbling has been lingering for about an hour now. Happy June 29th.

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