Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bus passenger beheaded seat mate, witness says

What the hell went on there??? This story seems so surreal, like something out of a B slasher horror movie. I wonder how much time it took for him to saw off the head. This is really freaky.

and here's a video, I don't know how to embed CNN videos so I'm posting the link:

exciting and scary!

well, not too scary, but momentarily exciting!

There are some huge trees on my street, trees so big you feel as if a really significant storm blew threw here they'd fall and wreck whatever was in their path. My car and apartment are in their path. I'm not as at risk as several of my other neighbors are, but I still have a little anxiety about it.

About 10:30 PM a month ago, I heard this really loud crash. It was warm and my windows were open, so it sounded like it was happening right out front. I immediately checked my car, and all was well. I noticed my cat bolting down the street, so at first I thought he was responsible for the loud noise that I just heard. Then I noticed up the street a little there were a few neighbors outside standing around what looked like giant branches. So I joined the group and we talked about the situation a little. I went to bed and early the next morning as I was leaving for work, I went over, surveyed the damage in the light and took a few pictures.

It wasn't too bad and only took out the cable line for the people across the street. I don't even have cable so it's no worry to me. In comparison to the size of the tree, one of the medium-sized branches fell, and landed mostly on the strip of land between the sidewalk and street. Things could have been worse, especially given the size of the tree. I don't know who was responsible for cleaning it up, but when I got home from work that day the whole thing was gone without a trace, as if it never happened.

off the radar!

yeah I've been off the radar lately. I guess I've been so caught up in life offline that I'm not updating my pictures and blog as much as I should. Tons of things are going on and I have a camera full of pictures, but I'm not home as much, and when I am I'm doing other things, like homework, now that I'm back in school. I've also been really busy at work lately. Some evenings when I get home I'm just burnt out from using a computer all day, so I read or cook elaborate multi-step dishes, such as marionberry turnovers or potato salad. On weekends I've been doing a lot of hiking or out-of-town stuff; I want to maximize my summer and explore this incredible and beautiful part of the county. tonight I had some time to upload pictures and thought it'd be a great time to update. I also plan on uploading and updating more regularly. I have some ambitious hikes planned for the next couple of months and have a few great hikes behind me so far it's been a nice and fun summer.

Monday, July 07, 2008

the further mysteries of dreamland

I've been having some more strange dreams lately. In some cases I wake with a full recollection of my dream but as the day progresses they slip away like a tide taking out a sandcastle too close to the shoreline. In other cases (like the last dream I wrote about) some elements are so shocking they clearly stand out in my mind.

I can remember a really intense dream I had when I was about 7 years old. It had such an impact on me it was as if I dreamt it last night. I don't remember all the details of it, but I remember basically I was in my room and the house was on fire. The fire was working its way over to my room and my door and wall around the door started to burn. I also distinctly remember a fern plant I had hanging on a hook in my room. I remember some setting details so vividly it's as if my old room still exists somewhere in the space/time vacuum. I had pepto bismol pink walls, and a giant map of the world on the wall space above my bed. There was some molding affixed around the map and painted pink to give the appearance of it being a framed picture. I had a twin bed with a tiny pink checkered bedspread. Immediately to the left of the bed was a closet door; a single door with a brass colored knob. Dark brown cork covered the upper half of the door that was missing and ripped off around the bottom edges.

This was the wall where the fire had breached my room. I remember feeling very afraid and anxious. I also remember acting quickly and fashioning my bedsheets and bedspread into a makeshift rope to escape from. As I climbed up into the window to free myself, I remember knocking the fern off of the hook. It fell to the floor and half-spilled out of the pot it was in.

After I reached the ground, I noticed that the neighbor's house was on fire too. I remember starting to feel afriad again, but then having an epiphany that really makes no sense. In this dream, the epiphany was that the fire I was seeing on the neighbor's house was only watercolor paint. This makes no sense whatsoever to me, but in the dream it was a real "duh!" moment. Somehow that relieved me because I drew the conclusion that the fire on my house must have been watercolor paint too, and my house was going to be okay.

The dream I had last night has just about completely washed away; I remember jumping through these wormhole portals, but having no control over where I was ending up. At one point I came up in a construction site, and another time I emerged into an unfamiliar city park. I also returned a few times to the foyer of a large old house.

I really enjoy having science fiction dreams or action dreams where I generally have the advantage or get some serious vengeance. Too bad I couldn't get a handle on the wormhole thing before I woke up.