Thursday, July 31, 2008

exciting and scary!

well, not too scary, but momentarily exciting!

There are some huge trees on my street, trees so big you feel as if a really significant storm blew threw here they'd fall and wreck whatever was in their path. My car and apartment are in their path. I'm not as at risk as several of my other neighbors are, but I still have a little anxiety about it.

About 10:30 PM a month ago, I heard this really loud crash. It was warm and my windows were open, so it sounded like it was happening right out front. I immediately checked my car, and all was well. I noticed my cat bolting down the street, so at first I thought he was responsible for the loud noise that I just heard. Then I noticed up the street a little there were a few neighbors outside standing around what looked like giant branches. So I joined the group and we talked about the situation a little. I went to bed and early the next morning as I was leaving for work, I went over, surveyed the damage in the light and took a few pictures.

It wasn't too bad and only took out the cable line for the people across the street. I don't even have cable so it's no worry to me. In comparison to the size of the tree, one of the medium-sized branches fell, and landed mostly on the strip of land between the sidewalk and street. Things could have been worse, especially given the size of the tree. I don't know who was responsible for cleaning it up, but when I got home from work that day the whole thing was gone without a trace, as if it never happened.

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