Thursday, July 31, 2008

off the radar!

yeah I've been off the radar lately. I guess I've been so caught up in life offline that I'm not updating my pictures and blog as much as I should. Tons of things are going on and I have a camera full of pictures, but I'm not home as much, and when I am I'm doing other things, like homework, now that I'm back in school. I've also been really busy at work lately. Some evenings when I get home I'm just burnt out from using a computer all day, so I read or cook elaborate multi-step dishes, such as marionberry turnovers or potato salad. On weekends I've been doing a lot of hiking or out-of-town stuff; I want to maximize my summer and explore this incredible and beautiful part of the county. tonight I had some time to upload pictures and thought it'd be a great time to update. I also plan on uploading and updating more regularly. I have some ambitious hikes planned for the next couple of months and have a few great hikes behind me so far it's been a nice and fun summer.

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