Monday, August 11, 2008

Climbers Bivouac

Over the weekend we ended up hiking on the south face of Mt. St. Helens. We originally wanted to head over to Lahar Viewpoint and Ape Canyon, but the road out that way was washed out and we had to settle for Plan B. Plan B started at Climbers Bivouac trail head and trekked through the old growth forest up to the junction where the Loowit trail (east-west) picks up. From that point, we headed east on Loowit to June Lake, then grabbed a cross-country ski trail back up onto Loowit to hike a large circle. Besides offering different scenery, this loop avoided the treacherous tiresome boulder field we encountered in the Worm Flows on the high trail over.

I still have to process the 100+ pictures I took, but here's a few to preview. It was an overcast type of day, the mountain top was socked in the entire day and it was hard to get good mountain top and distance pictures. That wasn't a problem though; there were so many other great views and scenes to photograph.

Prehistoric flower?

trekking through the misty forest.


Heather (at the edge where the Worm Flows meets forest)

Chocolate Falls (canyon created from the 1980 eruption)

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