Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I attended the Twilight Crierium in Portland's NW Park Blocks Friday night, and was able to capture a wreck on camera. It happened very quickly, and my camera is barely reliable at best, so I only managed to get 4 photos:

Here's a shot of the actual wreck; it occurred as the pack of riders turned the corner. The majority of the cyclists were able to strategically escape unscathed, however an unfortunate four became a tangled mess of spandex and metal.

These guys had to quickly get off the course because there were more cyclists quickly approaching. A few spectators ran out to help the guys up. The guy in the white got back on his bike and completed the race. He was in last place, but you got to give the guy credit for getting back on his bike all road-rashed up and finishing. I think the guy in the blue and orange rejoined also, but dropped out before the race finished.

This guy sitting here was really dejected and just scooted over to the sidewalk. I couldn't tell the extent of his injuries, but it seemed like his bike was rendered unridable.

He ended up sitting there for a while. We were mobile and moved around the course through the duration of the races, so after about 15 minutes we moved up the block for a different perspective. The corners were fun to hang out at because there were 10 near-wrecks for every wreck that happened.

If you're in Portland next August I'd definitely recommend to check this out. It's free to watch, there's a few booths with food, sponsors and vendors occupying them. It happens on a Friday night about the middle of the month, and is from about 6 PM to 8:30 PM.

I'll also be posting some more pictures over at Flickr soon.

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