Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dad says "sell the cat to a Chinese restaurant"

So my brother did a little drunk emailing the other night, and I was a recipient of the following correspondence: 

Subject:  Dad says "sell the cat to a Chinese restaurant"

Eh well,your right AZ is Mcain area... but flippin alaska...his running mate?These are great areas of out country. people of the US obviously have pressd towards a new era ; I feel proud to be a voting memer of society, Obama all the way.. In the mean time; I'm supporting every flippin native american tribe since the dawn of man in AZ if I am living in the desert area .I think it might be like "Natural born Killers"....only without the killing lol! Technically, we are all living on a country bought for bracelets, food and simple far as I know. Anyways ...We have a lot of calls for our poor kitty that we cannot take with us, but i'm sure things will be cool. lol. Dad says eat the cat.I painted lots of the roof areas today. It looks better.

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