Friday, January 16, 2009

finally got a 2009 calendar

I was starting to feel lost in the new year without a wall calendar in my apartment to keep referring to. I'm a very visual person and it helps to have a calendar with nice neat squares to write in my schedule or upcoming events. Especially school. I'm taking three classes this semester and homework and due dates can get real confusing quickly without the assistance of a calendar.

My cubemate is listening to Tom Leykis. I don't mind his show but I know many women who think he's offensive or a pig. I don't think he's either; but he is kind of jaded. But aren't we all in some respect, or at some point in our lives? I also listen to Howard Stern, so I doubt Tom Leykis can say anything that would really offend me.

I'm not easily offended, at least by language. I have the propensity to inappropriately curse too, so I have to watch myself at work. The other day I accidentially called an erroneous driver a "dildo" while one of my co-workers was in the car with me. The sad part is I meant to call the other driver a douche, but for some reason dildo just came out. Nothing like trying to backpedal out of a slip like dildo. I've also been watching Deadwood lately and a couple of different C words have been slipping into mainstream conversation. I'll have to keep a close watch on the use of that word.

On a completely unrelated note; I just gave a drug screen to the biggest sweatiest kid I ever met. Then he shook my hand and it was a big sweaty moist mitt. Like a warm pork chop. I know he washed his hand after the pee test but I washed after he shook my hand because it left a funny feeling with me.


ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

Hi Heather - Thanks for your comment on my blog! It seems like there's a lot of Earth Balance fans out there. I'm looking forward to baking with it some more!

You're going to suffer. But you're going to be happy about it. said...

yeah - i'd wash my hands too...

propensity - good word. i'll have to figure out how to mingle that in with some curses.