Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year!

So it's been awhile. I've been active on various social networking sites and have been linking my [dead] blog, so I thought I'd be responsible and at least make some of these entries semi-current.

I joined Twitter. I fought it for a long time because I'm not particularly promoting anything; no product or nothing about me that needs promotion. I'd read an increasing amount of articles about Twitter and how it can enhance your networking and your productivity. One article in particular by the NY Times spoke of how Twitter can help you at work, either at a current job or in finding a new job. I thought at the very least I could join to read and get updates from anyone who is tweeting or blogging about anything I find interesting.

So I did that, and got my cousin JD Glass to join too. She's a writer and in a band, she has things to promote so it's another great place for her to network. Up to this point (tweeting for about 2 days now) my posts are kind of inane, for example: "I think the Starbucks lady and the Oil Can Henry's guy should hook up" and "my heater only has two settings: hot and off."

Somehow people find me and are subscribing to my feed. Now I feel obligated to triangulate all of my social networking sites and make sure they are all relatively current. This blog was by far the most delinquent, so since August I've started fall semester, completed fall semester with a 4.0 (whew) successfully made it through the holidays, endured a pummeling of snow storms (for this area anyway, the snow here is nothing like NYC's Nor'Easter of 96) and started the Winter Term as of Monday. I'm not working too much with glass anymore because school is taking the front seat and I closed my studio to budget for tuition. And most significantly, we've elected a new President who starts working this Friday.

Once again I rang in 2009 without incident and was in bed by 10 PM. I briefly woke up at 12 because someone was lighting off fireworks, which surprised me because we had some steady constant rains all day and evening and projected into the next couple of days. I don't make New Year's Resolutions because I feel the time is always now for a change.

I guess if I had to make a resolution, I reslove to not use commas and exclaimation points so frivously in the future.

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