Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm afraid of guns but I respect them.  I'm afraid of guns in the sense of if I had one and used it to protect myself, my attacker would get it from me and shoot me with it.  I suppose if I had some sort of training or certification I'd feel more comfortable too, but that isn't anywhere near the top of my list of stuff to do.  Maybe in 10 years it will be closer to the top.  Hopefully there won't be any zombie rampages or reigning anarchy between now and then.  I know a few people who are into guns, have had training and know what they're doing.  I really admire that but for some reason get a bad feeling about guns.  Maybe it's the finality of a gunshot wound.    And even if you are shot but not killed, the chances you are paralyzed or have to spend the rest of your life shitting in a colostomy bag are pretty high.  I think there's a lot of people running around with guns that shouldn't have one in the first place.  And I know that's a good argument for getting a gun (to protect yourself from these screwballs) but again back to my theory that the attacker will beat me up and take my gun and shoot me with it.  Maybe that's where martial arts would come in handy.  But I guess martial arts would negate the need for a gun, and if your attacker had one you could just kung-fu yourself away or the gun out of his hands.   

If I did have a choice of weapon, I think I'd pick a bayonet.  I like that you can shoot or stick someone with the blade on the bayonet.  I wonder how heavy one of those are, and how comfortably it handles.  If I had the option of having ridiculous Turok-style weaponry I'd go for a sniper rifle and an RPG and death blossom projectile explosion type of bullet.  If it came down to a zombie or alien invasion, or anarchy, I'd also like to be well versed in a couple of types of martial arts.  If gun type weaponry wasn't an option (for example, the zombie invasion lasts so long the majority of guns and bullets aren't as readily available) I'd like some sort of staff with a blade or a staff with the option of pressing a button and an array of blades protrude from the end.  

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