Tuesday, April 07, 2009

change is the only constant

I have been blogging less freqentley then a few years ago and every time I log in I notice they've adjusted the format/layout of this website slightly. The theme is generally the same but now I have a "Monetize" tab in my toolbar. I can only imagine what that tab does. Facebook recently pulled the "slightly modify the layout" thing and I'm a little off. I don't quite like how it looks and it feels awkward.

That is true of change, right? Some changes are better in the long run and after a while most people yield and accept the new way of doing things. Other fight it bitterly to the end with every last breath they can muster. Good change usually sucks at first and means working longer, harder or both. If things are organized, change can result in building something that has the capacity to grow and be useful and well maintained.

One example of change gone wrong is the old Coke/New Coke thing. They shouldn't have tried to market Coke with a new flavor, they should have introduced it as an expansion of their product line. It probably would have been more well received and if it wasn't it wouldn't be nearly at the magnitude of disaster it turned out to be.

People were right to reject changing to the New Coke. I tried it and it was gross, I don't remember details but I do remember switching to Pepsi. I guess that was the unintended change, instead of going with the flow people found an alternative. I don't drink those types of sodas anymore and don't think I had one in about 10 years. Maybe longer. I do drink soda once in a while but it's the all natural no high-fructose corn syrup organic fru fru stuff. I highly recommend Santa Cruz brand Ginger Ale, it's amazing.

In any event, I just hooked my scanner up to the computer I'm using, and to test it out I scanned in some of my favorite science fiction novel covers. I really enjoy reading this kind of science fiction; it's a fun, easy read and plentiful at garage sales and book store discount paperback racks. I'd love to have a whole room filled with bookshelves of these kinds of gems:

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