Sunday, May 10, 2009

I also really like eggs.

I've been eating them every day for a while now.  I don't know why I am so into them; they just seem to satisfy some biological nutritional calling.  I know that probably makes me sound like I'm a walking cholesterol heart attack nightmare, but usually I only eat one egg a day.  On the weekends, I'll eat more than one, usually on Saturdays and Sundays I eat eggs prepared in another fashion.  I especially like going out to eat and getting omelets, scrambles, and Benedict's  I'll eat sunny side up, poached, and once over (over easy?) also.  I think that covers it (?) I also eat runny yolk, I sop up potatoes and toast and bacon (see previous entry) with it.  

The raw, runny yolk think is also a constant dilemma because it's so gross.  I conjures up gruesome images of salmonella chicken bacteria.  Raw chicken embryo, ugh, it sounds so gross.  

But so tasty.  Velvety smooth, I even eat the accidentally undercooked hard boiled eggs.  There was a time when my eating was stricter, vegan even for a brief time, and I would never believe that in the future I'd consume eggs at the rate I do.  I eat so many eggs I think it would be nice to have a house with a little property so you could have a chicken coop.  Chickens seem relatively harmless and independent anyway.  And if any of them get out of line, you could butcher and eat them (future post material).

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